Moral Values

True Ahmadi Beliefs based on writings of

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani


Moral Values

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- 1 -

Hazrat Sb shows best of Moral Values - PATIENCE - on his erectile dysfunction

When I married again I believed for a long time that I am impotent. Finally I resorted to patience and prayed.  (Maktoobat Vol 5 Part 2 Letter 14 Page 21)

جب میں نے نئی شادی کی تھی تو مدت تک مجہے یقین رہا۔ کہ میں نا مرد ہوں۔ آخر مینے صبر کیا

Hazrat Sb has explained the heart tendering details of his erectile dysfunction in another letter: 

I had an extremely horrible disease that my erection used to completely subside when I used to lie down for sexual intercourse. Perhaps lack of sexual power was the reason behind this (erectile dysfunction). So this disease was fully cured. It looks like that this medicine is good for sexual power and thickens the seminal fluid as well. At least, I found these effects very prominent.  (Maktoobat Vol 5 Part 2 Letter 10 Page 14)

ایک مرض مجہے نہایت خوفناک تھی۔ کہ صحبت کیوقت لیٹنے کی حالت میں نعوذ بکلی جاتا رہتا تھا۔ شاید قلت حرارت غریزی اسکا موجب تھی۔ وہ عارضہ بالکل جاتا رہا ہے۔ معلوم ہوتا ہے کہ یہ دوا حرارت غریزی کو بھی مفید ہے۔ اور منی کو بھی غلیظ کرتی ہے۔ غرض میں نے تو اس میں آثار نمایاں پائے ہیں۔

These excerpts explain us an extremely dreadful disease of Hazrat Sb that touches our heart - the more we ponder on these excerpts the more we become convinced of his greatness. What we see here is that God tried Hazrat Mirza Sb with a very difficult trial. He would get an erection and prepare for intercourse but as soon as he will lie down the erection would subside completely. The wording he selected depicts a complete picture. He says: صحبت کے وقت لیٹنے کی حالت میں which explains that he did have at least some sexual strength ; but right at the time of lying down it would go away completely: نعوذ بکلی جاتا رہتا . Every man can imagine the frustration one would feel in such a situation - especially right after marriage with a second wife. Till the time Hazrat Sb used to be frustrated his trial continued. Finally he resorted to patience: ٓآخر میں نے صبر کیا . So, in the end, when he became patient he got a beautiful reward for his patience - sexual strength equalt to 50 strong men (or some Ahmadi Ulema explain that he got the power to have 50 intercourses at a time) - Ahmadiat Zindabad:

I was just like a child due to weakness in those days and then I got strength from God and saw myself equivalent to 50 men.  (Taryaq-ul-Quloob 36 - 76 [RK 204])

 میں اس زمانہ میں اپنی کمزوری کی وجہ سے ایک بچہ کی طرح تھا اور پھر اپنے تئیں خدا داد طاقت میں پچاس مرد کے قائم مقام دیکھا۔ 

- 2 -

Moral Values of Jews as described by Hazrat Sb

Mary's hanging out with her fiancee Joseph before wedlock is a strong testimony of an Israelite custom.  Going out with fiancees among people in some frontier tribes had exceeded the limits to such an extent that sometimes pregnancy comes before wedlock, yet it is not looked down upon and it is generally ignored with a smile.  (Ayyam-al-Sulh 66 [rk300])

مریم صدیقہ کا اپنے منسوب یوسف کے ساتھ قبل نکاح کے پھرنا اس اسرائیلی رسم پر پختہ شہادت ہے۔ مگر خوانین سرحدی کے بعض قبائل میں یہ مماثلت عورتوں کی اپنے منسوبوں سے حد سے زیادہ ہوتی ہے۔ حتّی کہ بعض اوقات نکاح سے پہلے حمل بھی ہو جاتا ہے جس کو بُرا نہیں مانتے بلکہ ہنسی ٹھٹھے میں بات کو ٹال دیتے ہیں 

So Hazrat Sb has clarified various misconceptions about the moral values at the time Jesus Christ was born.

- 3 -

Hazrat Sb has shown the maximum possible humility

 O Dear, I am neither an earth-worm nor a human being.

 I am the most hated organ of human body and a shame for humanity.

(Braheen Ahmadiyya - Vol 5 127; Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 21, Page 127)

کرم خاکی ہوں مرے پیارے نہ آدم زاد ہوں         ہوں بشر کی جائے نفرت اور انسانوں کی عار



Love for All, 

               Hatred for None 

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